April 21, 2006

My little angel saved me...

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Here's the story of my very complicated delivery...

I had a minor contraction at 2AM, January 16. I was on my way home from my parents' house. That's the very first time I felt it and It was quite strong. It did not last for 5 minutes though. But I knew then that I would be giving birth that day.

So I went home with my mom and brother. They accompanied me coz my husband was at work (graveyard shift). At 6 AM, i woke up and peed...suddenly I saw some blood! I got so nervous coz I knew that my time had come. So I immediately called my husband to inform him that my waterbag broke. I called my OB right away to inform her about what happened but I refused to go to the hospital because I felt no contractions at all. So she said "Ok. Just call me when you're on your way to the hospital so I can reserve a room for you."

A few minutes later, my husband came and we had breakfast. At 12 noon, there was still no contraction but we decided to go to the hospital anyway.

Upon arriving to the hospital, my OB checked me up right away. I was only 1cm dilated...So she suggested that I went for a walk. My husband and I decided to go to the mall. I was in a very good mood while we were walking around as if I wasn't due to give birth. My husband even said I was sooo cool daw. But what he didn't know was that I was just trying so hard not to let my fear get over me. You see, I have never been hospitalized in my whole life! I don't even know how it feels to be on a dextrose. But then, I told myself I had to be brave...for me and my baby. I was really determined to have a normal delivery.

At 5pm, we went back to the hospital and guess what? I was just 2cm dilated! Arrggg...I went for a walk for four hours only to find out that I was only 2 cm dilated?! Whoaa...

At 6pm, I had an induced labor. My doctor decided to do so because I may not have enough water and my labor hasn't even started. I was really sad because my husband was not allowed to go inside the labor room. A few minutes later, I could feel minor contractions. I could still smile because the pain was too tolerable for me! (LOL). At 7pm, I was still ok...the pain was still manageable. At 8pm, That was it! I started crying due to so much pain. I could not help but groan and moan (but with poise of course!)... I didn't want the nurses to hate me because I was too noisy. So I tried so hard not to scream at all.The room was so cold and yet I was perspiring to death. A few minutes later, I was begging for a pain reliever coz I could not take it anymore. The next thing I knew was that I was rushed to the delivery room. But I was only 4cm dilated then, so my doctor decided to bring me back to the labor room. She said it was really weird that it's only the lower part of my tummy that's hurting so bad. She said the upper part should contract as well so my baby would be pushed towards my pelvis. But that did not happen. Contractions came minute by minute and they're quite strong I had no time to regain my strength. That's the time that I started praying...I asked God to protect me and my baby or If I were to die that day, I wanted my baby to be safe at least. I stared through the glass door of the labor room and saw my husband standing there, looking at me with tears in his eyes. I wish I could reach out for his hands to assure him that I'd be okay and that there's nothing he should worry about.

At 10pm, I was rushed to the delivery room for the second time but was immediately brought back to the labor room a few minutes later.

At 10:30, I was already 8cm dilated and was dying to give birth. I could not take the pain anymore. After having an IE, my baby's head still could not be reached. I told the doctor, "I have to deliver now! What will I do?"

The last thing I heard from her was "Keep pushing if you can. The Anaesthesiologist is coming!"

So I tried pushing once. But when I tried to push again, I suddenly felt calm and sleepy. I couldn't even move. My head was spinning...lost strength...and eventually got knocked out. I was not even able to wait for the Anaesthesiologist to arrive. I just realized later that I was given a sedative that's why I fell asleep.

But the last thing on my mind before I lost conciousness was : "Oh my god! I'll be having a C-section!". And I was damn rignt.

During my operation, I was asleep. Thank God it was totally painless! I just woke up when I heard my little angel crying... But I was too groggy to even open my eyes so I didn't see him.

Then I fell asleep once again... I was dead to the world and didn't know what really happened after that.

I woke up at around 7am lying on a stretcher and found myself in the recovery room. Still feeling dizzy, I asked the nurse, "Na-CS ba ako?"

"Yes, ma'am. Do you wanna see your baby?"

The next thing I knew, my baby was right infront of me. The nurse was carrying him. "It's a boy!" (Of course I knew my baby was a boy because I had three ultrasounds!)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy reaction the first time I saw him? Nothing! I know it could've been the most dramatic part but I guess the anaesthetics they injected on me had somehow numbed my emotions. I couldn't even cry or react. All I knew was that my head was heavy, my body was numb and I couldn't move. I touched my baby's head and told myself, "Wow, sobrang gwapo naman 'ata ng anak ko!" :-) Then, he was taken back to the nursery.

"Dadalhin ko na po kayo sa room nyo," The nurse told me. I just nodded and she started pushing the stretcher. Upon exiting the recovery room, I saw my husband waiting for me. He reached out for my hand and said, "Ang gwapo ng baby natin, sweetie!" I smiled and thanked God silently that my baby and I were safe.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWhen I entered the room, I saw my mom, my sister Kristel, my friend Tootsie and my mother-in-law waiting for me. My husband treated my extra special that time and was kept on saying that he loves me even more. He even told me that he was inside the delivery room with me all throughout my delivery which I think was WEIRD. I mean, How could he enter inside the delivery room when he wasn't even allowed to enter inside the labor room? But I was too tired to ask him that.

To make the long story short, I was not allowed to eat for five days---which I kept on asking my husband why but he refused to answer! Most CS patients are not allowed to eat only for 2-3 days. So in my case, why 5 days? I really ain't got a glue...

My husband just said, "Your doctor will visit you in the afternoon to make sure you are okay. And please stop talking. You're not allowed to talk either."

So I was like, "Oh, okay. whatever..." and sealed my lips.

In the afternoon, I was surprised to see a male doctor visiting me. And it surprised me even more to know that he was a Surgeon. So I was like, What is a Surgeon doing in my room?! Where is my Obstetrician? She's the one who's supposed to be here, right?

I was still clueless. Until my husband said, "Doc, kayo na po mag-explain sa kanya. Di nya pa po kasi alam e."

Then the Surgeon started telling me what happened. I was dumbfounded of course. If I had known I had two other major operations aside from CS, I could've died in fear that day. When he said I had a tumor and had to cut 20 inches of my instestine, I was speechless and got scared. I tried so hard not to cry. The only thing I managed to ask him was: "Am I going to die? Do I have to undergo a Chemotherapy?"

He answered, "Let's just hope that the tumor is benign..." He also assured me that everything's gonna be okay because he already cut 20 inches of my intestine just to make sure that the tumor was completely taken out.

When my Surgeon left, I started crying. Now I know why I wasn't allowed to eat for five days!

A month later, we got the biopsy result. The tumor was benign! (Praise God! He's sooo good!)


Dra. Coralde, my OB/Obstetrician, told my husband that I'd be having a caesarean operation because the baby was too big to pass thorugh my pelvis. Thinking about my safety, my husband agreed.

During the entire process, I was under a Spinal Anaesthesia so I was sleeping the whole time.

After Laurence (my son) was taken out of my tummy, they immediately ordered my husband to buy S26 GOLD while my son was being groomed in the nursery. Upon his return from the drug store, a nurse was waiting for him in the entrance and handed him a lab gown.

"Sir, bilisan nyo po! Pinapatawag po kayo ni Dra. sa operating room! Suutin nyo po yang lab gown kasi sterile area po yun!" The nurse said.

"Huh? Bakit? Ano'ng nangyari?" he asked nervously thinking that I might not have survived the operation.

"Basta si Dra. na lang po magpapaliwanag sa inyo!"

He handed the milk over to the nurse, got himself dressed and hurriedly proceeded to the operating room with his heart pounding so fast. When he arrived, he was shocked to see me lying on a metal table like a piece of dead meat with an open stomach and totally unconscious (Eeww!). He really thought I was dead. Then, Dra. Coralde showed him my swollen appendix that's ready to explode! She explained that it needs to be taken out right away before it explodes and got myself poisoned. She said they needed his permission to call a Surgeon to remove it. He immediately agreed. But unfortunately, the hospital's resident Surgeon lives far away and they needed to have my appendix removed ASAP!

So they contacted Dr. Raquepo, who arrived right away because he happens to live nearby, and got my appendix removed. My husband didn't see the process anymore because he decided to leave the operating room when the Surgeon arrived.

Then after a few minutes. He was called again by a nurse and handed him a lab gown. "Sir, bilisan nyo po! Pinapatawag po ulit kayo sa operating room!" (uh-oh...not again!)

He rushed to the operating room thinking I died (again!).

There he found me looking half-dead with my internal organs exposed. And this time, with a long tube inside my mouth that passes through my esophagus (ouch!). I was under a General Anaesthesia this time. Dr. Raquepo, the Surgeon, then explained that when he was about to close my tummy( after removing my appendix), he saw a tumor in my intestine. My husband said it looked liked "buto ng santol". He said he saw everything. My intestines, kidneys, etc. and it made him so nervous that things got so complicated. After approving another operation, he was asked to leave the operating room so they could start the procedure.

When he finally got out, he started crying because he was so scared that something might happen to me. It was almost 2am and he was all by himself. Then he decided to call his mom and told her what happened. She cried and arrived after few minutes to give her son some emotional support while I was being operated. Then he called my mom but didn't tell her about my real condition. He just told her I already gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. But my mom still went to the hospital together with my sister and my friend Tootsie just to make sure I was okay. Well, call it a mother's instinct. She probably felt I was in danger.

So there you go...That's what happened to me. Now I know why my husband was so emotional when I came out of the operating room. He really took care of me and treated me extra special...He stayed in the hospital for five days without even going home and without any reliever. I wouldn't have survived without him...

But one thing's for sure, I know that God had used my little angel to save me...


sn0w_princess said...

Hello! Here are the messages of my fellow girltalkers after they read the story of my very complicated delivery on Girltalk.

Thank you, sisters! I appreciate it.

Maxine said...

wow! you've been through a lot. thank God you are okay. must have been so hard for your husband seeing you in that state esp if he doesnt have any medical background and to think he was alone, not knowing what to expect everytime he is called in by the doctors. im glad all is well with you and the baby. makes you appreciate life more 'no? take care and enjoy your little one, they grow up so fast.

Angeline said...

Wow! I can't continue reading your post and have to paused for a while because it put me on tears. I just can't imagine how your husband handle the situation and he is too strong during that time.I admired him for that. You're so lucky that after 3 operations you are still doing alright. Good luck and take good care of your baby and of course yourself.

bluekaren780 said...

ang galing talaga ni Lord... grabe! mukhang mas na-trauma si hubby kesa sa iyo... baka next time mas matakot pa si hubby na mabuntis ka ulit... he-he... kidding aside, natutuwa ako para sa iyo sa pagkakaroon mo ng napakabait na asawa... bihira na ngayon ang ganyan

Gladz31842 said...

haaay, naiyak naman ako...naawa din ako sa hubby mo...Praise God, you're ok na Blessing in disguise pa yong pagka-CS syo. God has His ways talaga

Anonymous said...

sis angelkiss, naiyak ako sa story mo! sobra!! galing ni lord!
pero napaismayl naman ako agad after reading honey61501's story!! mukha akong baliw pramis!
by the way im on my 14th week na! and sana makayanan ko rin yung pain when my d day comes.

sweetsweet said...

sis angelkiss : yup, that's a really long post, but i really loved reading it! nakakaiyak sobra... grabe, kinabahan na rin ako because ayoko talagang ma-CS rin... but napabilib din ako sa husband mo, he's so strong and buti hindi sya nag-collapse sa OR! thank God you're okay now sis

honey61501 said...

sis angelkiss: i admire you, your husband and everyone else who was a participant in your delivery. God is really good!

*jyn* said...

@angelkiss... what a story... so inspiring... katuwa hubby mo, so supportive... and whew, nakita niya internal organs mo... parang na-emotional and mental torture din hubby mo, 2x ba naman tawagin sa OR, worrying about you kung ano nangayrai at nangyari na naman... kung di ka na-CS, they wouldn't know about your swollen appendix and tumor... everything has a purpose... thank God safe na kayo ng baby mo... congrats... post pictures ha...

Anonymous said...

angelkiss....more power and Godbless sa family life mo...i am sure your family will be stronger and more binded....

ellheym said...

angelkiss naiyak ako sa kwento mo.. ang bait pa rin talaga ni God kasi hindi ka pinabayaan... 3 major operations ang ginawa sayo.

razer said...

sis angelkiss, i cried while reading your post. 'twas a long story nga but i was inspired reading it. GOD is good and He's good all the time i also admire your husband for being that strong, i couldn't imagine how hard he prayed during that time.

Princess Anne said...

angelkiss - thank you for sharing your experience, it was really inspiring. Ang galing galing ni Lord noh!? I thought I had the worst delivery kaya hindi ako makapagpost ng labor experiences ko.

Pattybee said...

Thanks, angelkiss Having a baby is really worth all the pain. I had forgotten how it feels to be pregnant and give birth because it's been so long since my first child was born. But I'm happy to be blessed with a new baby after all these years.

RonaWeasley said...

Angelkiss: lola, di ko lam na ganito pala buong story. ang lam ko lang is yung appendectomy. thank God talaga at nakaligtas ka

sn0w_princess said...

Here's the link for the original thread.


Again, thanks so much, GT mommies!



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