November 20, 2006

Congratulations, Pacman!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe Pacquiao-Morales trilogy has finally come to an end.

And once again, Pacman made us all proud. I knew he's gonna win the match as soon as he stepped up in that ring. I just knew it. I had my faith in him. I knew his character will make him win. So when he knocked Morales out at Round 3, that didn't surprise me anymore. I guess I just did not expect that it would be that quick. So I was like, "What?! Tapos na agad?!". It didn't even last for 10 minutes! We watched the fight at my in-laws' home via the pay-per-view LIVE telecast from Dream TV. My in-laws paid 699 pesos. There was no commercial break so it was really fast. The fight ended at around 12:30pm, while the ABS-CBN telecast ended at 3pm. So I had the chance to see it again when I got home. Hahaha! Ito lang ang masasabi ko sa 'yo, Pacman...

ASTIG KA TALAGA!!!! Thank you so much for being our PRIDE. Once again, you made every filipino proud. I am so thrilled that this trilogy has turned out to be a sweet success for you.

Image Hosted by

I am not REALLY into boxing. But because of my husband and mom who are avid fans of Pacquiao, I was able to see his previous fights with Morales. And I have admired him since then. Gosh, I have never seen a fighter as determined as he is. He's almost impossible to knock-down. Their first encounter was their best fight actually. Pacquaio was able to make it up to Round 12 despite the fact that he was totally beaten up. Blood was streaming down his face. He should have given up then -- but he didn't. I saw the intense determination in his eyes. They were beaming with hope. It was as if trying to insinuate something like "You might win this fight, man! But there's no way you can knock me out!". And my heart cried out for him that very minute. That fight made Morales win by a unanimous decison. But the way Pacman fought all the way up to Round 12 made him the "real" winner in every filipino's hearts.


Anonymous said...

korek! galing ni pacman!!! actually around 1130 to 12 tinext na ako ng mga classmates ko... k.o. daw si morales sa 3rd round... galing talga ng pinoy!

yep im back.. :D

Fiel said...

Idol talaga si Pacman! Round 3 lang bagsak na si Morales. hehehe :) Ayon sa news, masama daw ang pakiramdam ni Pacquiao kaya niya tinapos ng maaga ang laban. Sikat na naman ang mga pinoy sa buong mundo ^__^

Say Hi to Greg from me!

Have a nice day!

blacksoul said...

@grabe ang galing no.

i doubted him pero grabe astig ni manny

2 million dollar richer na naman

yorokobee said...

napanood ko lang sa TV patrol thru TFC chanel.

BRAVO Paquiao!
mabuhay Philippines!

rHo said...

ang galing-galing ni pacquiao!! wohhhhhhhooo.... napatumba agad si morales! bleh! :P

rHo said...

ikaw pala si snowfairy! so, paltan ko na ba ang links mo??! hehehe...

nao said...

ganda, i emailed you your WP login details na ha. Blog away! take care ang musta dyan

Orange76 said...

I heard on the radio about his victory. I'm happy he was able to defend his title.

I just hope that he also takes good care of his wealth and that his hard earned money is spent wisely.

:: sHoNa :: said...

hahaha! lupet ni pacquiao! yaman na naman nya! buti hanggang 3rd round lang, sayang kasi ang face value ni morales pa hinusto pa nya sa 12 round eh. Hehehehe!



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