October 25, 2006

Nine Weird Things About You

I was tagged by Mindy so I'm posting my answers here. And if you guys have the time, please do the same thing. List down the nine weird things about you. You may post your answers on your blog but I would really appreciate it if you can also copy your answers on my comment box so I can read them easily.

So to start off, here are the NINE weird things about me:

1. I never eat rice when it's hot. I let it cool down for a few minutes first. And the weirdest thing is, I prefer "bahaw" over newly cooked rice.

2. Sometimes I just cry over hypothetical things that I imagine while walking on the road or taking a taxi or wherever I am and whatever I'm doing.

3. Just like Mindy, I also love talking to myself --in English. LOL. There was actually one instance where a former officemate saw me talking to myself while strolling around the mall. She called my name and when I looked at her, she had this weird expression on her face as if saying "Honney, have you gone crazy?". My gosh, I was so embarassed! I actually felt my cheeks burned in shame.

4. I love bananas. But I don't like eating the fresh ones. Gusto ko yung overriped! Hahaha. As in yung almost rotten na sa sobrang lambot. Yeah, I love it. It's so sweet.

5. I hate watching DVDs with subtitles on. Coz I always end up reading the subtitles instead of listening to the characters' dialogues. Hahaha. I'm not that good at listening. (Sssshhh...)

6. I can eat a full-meal in 10 minutes. That's why I prefer eating alone in the office. No chit-chats whatsoever or else I would lose my appetite. I hate people who talk too much while eating.

7. I can' t sleep without my three pillows. I love hugging them more than my husband. (sorry, sweetie! LOL).

8. My favorite fruit (ever!) is Mango. And everytime we have some at home, I always bring one with me inside the bedroom and smell it until I fall asleep. I just love the way it smells. (*sniff, sniff*). And when I get tired of sniffing the hell out of it, that's the time that I will eat it. Weird, weird, weird! Hahahaha!

9. I think almost everyone enjoys watching Friends, but not me. I don't know why. I bought DVDs of it years ago and I only saw one episode, which I barely even finished. Is it because I lack sense of humor? Or is it simply because I am too conservative to appreciate the way Americans do comedy shows? Oh, well. Maybe I should try watching the rest of my DVDs at home before I completely say I don't like the show for good.

It's your turn, blogmates! Have a nice day!


Deanne said...

OMG. Weird ka nga.

I love eating rice lalo na yung mainit na mainit. Yung umuusok usok pa!!! Bakit ayaw mo nun?

Weird! Hahaha.

Lab yu honney. Peace tayo.

ralphT said...


Anonymous said...

Just don't do your #2 and #3 at the same time....or you'll end up as guest in my mock-Oprah show in the bathroom! Hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Waahh.. I talk to myself too*blushes*.. i even shout at myself *in my mind nga lang*..

sn0w_princess said...

Deanne- Oo noh. weird talaga ako. hahaha! as in.

ralpht- Hi. Weird ka rin ba? LOL.

Mindy- GUsto ko sana mag-guest sa mock-oprah show mo in the bathroom. LOL.

Manic Psycho- ikaw din? hahaha!

melai said...

wow umuunlad na pala ang tag na ito dati 6 lang now 9 na :)

Vince said...

one thing about me...?
I tend to be impatient...

Marie, i got a new and hopefully, the last site recedo.blogspot.com, pls link that and u may delete the previos one...tnx. God bless.

Angel said...

Nine Weird Things About ME

So to start off, here are the NINE weird things about me:

1. I can't take shower without wearing slippers.

2. I Love onions! Lalo na yung sa sawsawan..hehe

3. Sobrang arte ko pagdating sa CR.. gusto ko maauz..weird ba un? hehe

4. May pag ka OC ako..hehe

5. Matakaw ako pero hindi tumataba..

6. Naiinis ako kay Carlos Agassi..basta pagnakikita ko sya sa TV.. nabwibwisit ako..:D

7. Pagnatutuwa ako..nananakita ako! hehe..

8. Sobrang hilig ko sa street foods.. lalo na isaw..dati naka 10 or more ako sa isang araw..

9. yan lang ata..hehe :D

Rob said...

number two, clearly shows how weird you are.


but all of us have some sort of weirdness. sooo... thats fine.

Iskoo said...

masarap nga amoy ng manga, masubukan ka i sniff hanggang makatulog, hehe

Queen Paranoia said...

sagutan q to ah! :]

grabe na weirduhan aq dun sa thing mu sa mangoes! haha! amuy amuy muna! haha! nakakatawang weird..!

:: sHoNa :: said...

ako rin i talk to myself. hehehe! minsan nga nde ko na rin aware na kinakausap ko na pala sarili ko. hahaha!

sn0w_princess said...

Hello, blogmates!!! Good morning!

Melai- Dati ba 6 lang ito?

Vince- impatient? i don't think it's a sign of weirdness. halos lahat naman yata ganyan e. Nyak!

Angel- you're not that weird naman plaa e. :-)

Iskoo- Sige ka, baka maadik ka rin. Hahahaha.

Queen Paranoia, Rob and Shona - Share nyo rin ang ka-weirdohan nyo. Haha.



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