October 6, 2006

My Favorite Stalker

I was on my way to the MRT station this morning when somebody put a hand on my shoulder. It was my husband! At first, I thought somebody was trying to mug me. It's a good thing I did not scream. I didn't know he was scrutinizing me from afar as if he were a stalker in a movie. When I came out of the office building and walked across the busy intersection, he hid behind a bunch of people, waited for me to walk past him and put a hand on my shoulder. I flashed him a big smile. It has been a while the last time he gave me a suprise visit.

Anyway, instead of taking the MRT, we took the bus and dropped by at Jollibee to grab something to eat before going home. He's craving for a pancake and I was craving for Spaghetti with extra sauce and cheese and Macaroni soup. After ordering our food, we sat down at a table near the fan coz there was no aircon (still brownout!).

I decided to eat spaghetti first coz the soup was still hot.

HUBBY: Kainin mo na yung soup habang mainit pa! (opening the lid)
ME: Eh ano yang nasa lalagyan ng ketchup? Baket may ganyan? Para saan yan?
HUBBY: Ewan ko. Inabot lang sa akin yan ng cashier e. Parang sauce daw ata.
ME: Sauce? Wala namang sauce ang Macaroni di ba? Meron na ba ngayon?
HUBBY: Oo, bago daw yan. E di tikman mo.
ME: Ay ayoko wag na lang. Baka hindi Masarap.
HUBBY: Ano ka ba, kahit konti lang no! Malay mo mas masarap pag meron nyan.
ME: Ah siguro garlic yan na may toyo. Sige na nga.

I grabbed the ketchup container and took off its lid.

Well, what I saw was not something edible. I saw a very nice pair of earrings! Hahaha. Ang sweet. Thank you, daddy!


vince said...

wow! what a sweet moment with the husband eh? Wish you a happy and blessed shared life with him.

Nostalgic Girl said...

aaaaw...ako rin, lola...i-surprise mo :D

karmi said...

wow.. happy! :)

kilig naman ako.. hehehe..


sn0w_princess said...

oo nga! ako rin kinikilig pa until now. hehehe. Salamat sa pagbisita nyo palagi! :-)

blacksoul said...

thanx sa pagbisita sa blog ko ha and thanx 4 wishing me luck..

goodluck sa pagiging mother,yan yung pinakamahirap na trabaho.nanay ko nga nagive up na sa akin dahil sa sobrang pasaway hehehee

cruise said...

grabe naman ka sweet, nakakinggit.. hehe...

paeng said...


tlga? dun din sa klsmyt ko, wala pa ring kuryente!! waaah

sa 18 pa daw cla magkaroon.. hehe..

kawawa nman kau, ang hirap ng walang kuryente.. tsk99

milenyo tlga!! gggrr.

cheska said...

you are one lucky gal! a gorgeous baby and a husband that's romantic...sigh...wish i'll have those too, in the future...

charisse said...

hello po..ate.Tenkyu sa pagdaan sa blog ko..Ang cute ni Greggy!! God bless ur family. Ü

Queen Paranoia said...


my music..?crazy right..?jaja..!

my host's imgdump.net

lornadahl said...

Heya, Milkshake is semi-back. Thanks for the testi.

Favorite stalker, eh? How's the baby? Mukhang sa Christmas party na naman tayo magkikita-kita ha. Hahaha. Minus Vannie.

blacksoul said...

hi inadd kita sa mga links ko,rehab update nga pala next wik pa heheheh..

blacksoul said...

add me up to ayt

pauL said...

'aaaahhhhh...' so sweeet... hehehe... good idea... magawa nga din yun... :D

sn0w_princess said...

Blacksoul- hi! Thank you for the message...yes, I'll link you up later.

Lornadahl - finally, milkshake is back! hehehe... thanks for droppjng by after 48 years. lol.

Paul, Cruise, Paeng, Cheska, Charisse, Queen Paranoia --Hello sa inyong lahat!!! Mamaya dadaan ako sa inyo! God bless! :-)

sn0w_princess said...

OH by the way, just to give you guys an update, nagka-kuryente na po kami nung staurday night. :-)

:: sHoNa :: said...

wow...sweet naman ng hubby mo. sana in the future magkaroon din ako ng ganyan ka-sweet na asawa. hihihi!

southdude said...

ehehe cool ng hubby mo!

thanks for visiting my site.



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