October 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama just celebrated her 44th birthday. My husband and I prepared a small (but special) celebration for her at our house. We just invited our relatives and close friends to come over and have dinner with us. Then we sang and danced our hearts out all through the night. We borrowed my mom-in-law's Magic Sing and had a lot of fun! Almost everyone in my family can sing, except for mama who had no talent in singing at all. Haha! Most of her siblings can sing (they used to be lead vocalists in a band, by the way) and so do my cousins --including me (*ahem*).

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Me and my mom on my wedding day

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pauL said...

happy birthday to your mom!!!

naks you also sing din... basta videoke maaasahan ako dyan... *lol

Iskoo said...

makikibati rin ako sa mommy mo ng happy bday. magkamukha kayo, parehong maganda.

karlee said...

maligayaaanng batii sa mom mo ΓΌ

ayihee kumakanta siya :X nyahah buti ka paa ako sa kwarto lng :P

ayihee i never met a blogger who's also a mom before, ang cute nung babyy greggy right? XD ang cute niyaa XD sorry bangag :P

maraming salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko :) sana dalaw ka ulit :D

mei said...

happy birthday to your mom :)

thanks for dropping by my blog honey :)

magkakasundo tayo, hilig ka pala sa starbucks! haha :)

sn0w_princess said...

Hello, guys! Thank you for all your greetings! I'm so delighted that I have a friend in you eventhough we don't know each other personally. :-)

Paul- naks! videoke king ka ba? haha! sample naman dyan!

Iskoo- naks! maganda nga ba? LOL. salamat!

Karlee- you look so young. mo ka na rin?

Mei-yup. i love starbucks coffee! coffee tayo minsan? hehehe.

paeng said...


hapi bday kay mama mo! :P

naks, san ung pic na un? cnu ikakasal?

aun, haha.. cge,cge!

freeng free ka sumali dun! kaw pa! hehehe.. :P

Deanne said...

(my first comment didnt shhow up. I wonder why.)

Hey, happy birthday to your mom. I hope my greetings didnt come late. =)

Wala pa rin ba chatbox mo?

Tani said...

happy birthday to your mom.

yup, magic sing is enjoyable to a lot of people. patok na patok sa mga gatherings.

about my blog template, maldita designed it for me. yours isn't bad naman. no need to get another design. it's the content that matters.

Deanne said...


Bat wala pa rin chatbox mo??

cruise said...

maligayang kaarawan sa iyong mom. pamilya pala kayo ng mga singers...


sandy said...

Hallo from Croatia...

Sexy Nomad said...

Happy bday to your mom! Sali ako sa videoke! hilig ko rin yan!

Btw, my hubby and i really love to travel. Originally, I had a blog, wanderlust.i.ph where i post all our travels kaso napangitan ako sa kanya so i made sexynomad instead. :-)

blacksoul said...

happy bday din sa mama mo,mukhang umaasenso dito.may header na

pauL said...

hi! saw your message sa chat box ko... question? what will i answer?... may tanong ba?...

_ice_ said...

ganda mo naman..send my greetings to your mom..

have a nice weekend..

blacksoul said...

yo add me ako sa friendster mo,heres my email add.


hindi kita ma-add eh'

saan ko ba ipopost dito yung sagot ko..

holla back

rina said...

aww happy birthday sa mom mo :) hehehe! .. nawiwindang ako sa verification code.. ang haba!! anyway dumaan lang po^_^

sn0w_princess said...

Hello, guys! Salamat sa greetings nyo ha! Very much appreciated po.

Paeng- hey, that was my wedding! pasaway ka talaga, paeng! hehehe.

Deanne- Hi. My chat box is now up and running. Musta na yung nanggugulo sa blog mo? Anyway, I don't know why your first commnet didn't show up. Weird noh?

Tani- Hi! Thank you. Yah, it's the content that matters. :-) I love your template. Sino si Maldita?

sn0w_princess said...

Cruise and Sandy- Hello! Thank you for dropping by.

Sexy Nomad- Hi, Jen. Sige nga, videoke tayo minsan. I saw your latest pics. Wow, you went surfing with Jericho Rosales and Heart? Kakainggit.

Blacksoul- Musta? Hehe...panget ng header ko noh? corny. Na-add na nga pala kita sa Friendster.

Paul- Yung questionnaire po sa Friendster blog ko. Yun po ang sasagutan nyo.

Ice- Hello! Ganda ba? Hehe...That's just make-up. Thank you though. Hahaha.

Rina- Thank you for dropping by. First time mo napadpad dito sa blog ko noh? Hehehe...Kainis nga yung verification code kaya lang it helps prevent advertisers from spamming on our comment box. No choice. LOL.



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