May 6, 2006

Dilemma of a fist-time mom

My son hasn't been pooing for three days. I really think that's weird since he used to defecate everyday. I really don't want to switch milk coz I know that he's really "hiyang" with it. He gains weight continuously and I never had a problem feeding him. His bowel movement only started to mess up when he turned three months. But despite the fact that he hasn't been pooing for 3 days now, he doesn't seem to be in pain or uncomfortable. His stool was pretty much okay the last time. It wasn't even firm at all. The only thing that changed was the color. From yellow (like mustard), it became greenish-black and really sticky.  But I'm quite sure he's not constipated either.
I googled and found tons of articles about my son's condition. And surprisingly, I found out it was normal. Here's the summary:
"If the child seems to be in pain, has vomiting, or has blood in the stool, he should be seen by the pediatrician immediately. Otherwise, it can be completely normal to go only once every eight days -- as long as the stool is soft when it comes out"
""Most babies produce from 2 to 5 big stools a day as long as they are only breastfed, while other babies may have a bowel movement only once a week. If the stools are infrequent but remain soft, there is no cause for concern.".
"For a girl who is just breastfed, stools every five to seven days can be fine. But once rice starts, we like to see the pace pick up a bit, because these stools will contain more stuff and can get progressively harder to pass."
"These infrequent stools might not be a problem at all, but using diet to try to make them a bit more frequent and comfortable may be wise. If things don't improve soon, be sure to report in to your doctor."
They all came from different websites so I would like to believe that they're true. I just don't wanna take the risk of switching milk and have my little boy suffer from diarrhea. He's such a healthy baby and has no tummy problems as well. When my husband brought him to the Pedia, he was not able to tell her that we switched vitamin one time and bought a small can of S26 plain instead of Gold (it's only for a week) since the latter was not available in our neighborhood, which I think caused the problem. My baby did not like the plain one. My only confusion is that, why did our Pedia tell us to switch milk right away? She did not even advise us to observe if my baby's condition will improve or not. And how come it is written on all the websites I googled that it's normal for babies not to poo everyday?
So now I am torn whether to switch or not. Before I read those articles, I was determined to finally switch. But now I'm not sure anymore. My Mom-in-law has been pressuring me to switch for the last few weeks but I refused all the time. I know she's starting to think I am such a pain in the ass. We have a very good relationship and I don't wanna ruin that just because of a milk issue. But I hope somehow she would understand that I only want the best for my son. I am the mother and I will do what I think is right. I was not able to breastfeed my son due to three major operations that I had and I really feel bad about it. So I want to give him the best formula any baby could ever have just to compensate for not having to breastfeed him...He loves his milk and he looked really healthy. I am just scared that he might get sick if I switch right away and that will result to a bigger problem.

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