May 15, 2005


Somebody from the ati-atihan province sent me this email today. (Of course, I knew who she was). I just want to post it here just to let you guys know that there are mean creatures like her who exist in this world. So beware...Please be advised that this email contains nothing but profanity. Excuse me for posting this...this my website. I believe it's my prerogative to say what I want to say and post what I want to post. So here's what the email says:

( wrote:

y'know honney...yer one big sick altoid induced clit...look at yer blogspot strewn with... with those sick images..the color...bleep...its annoying and as sick as kris aquino...yer not happy...yer pretending to be.YOU'RE FUTURE IS LOCKED!!! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE REALITY THAT YR FUCKED UP!!!GAAAAD, CALL CENTER SPHINXTERS.DIE WITH YER MSN PUSSIES!!! relieved.
thanks honey and blow yer husbandtonight for me ok. mwa!!im watchin ya.
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Apparently, this girl wanted to piss me off by saying filthy things about me. But she did not succeed even a bit. As I've said on my previous post about her (the green-eyed monster), I have no idea what kind of satisfaction she gets from doing this. I really think she's losing her sanity. Just last month, she even played dead. That's the weirdest and the most pathetic story I've ever heard! She texted her friends and told them that she died on car accident. And then the next day, she admitted that she just made it all up so she'll know if her family and friends still love her. Pathetic, isn't it? She ended up being hated by the people who used to care about her even more instead. Ewww...!I wish I could write the entire story here but unfortunately there are some innocent people involved that need to be protected.

So here's what I have to say to you, coward slut!

Stop messing up with me if you know what's good for you. Stop hiding from someone else's ass. Be decent enough to email me using your own legit email addy. Do not use any stupid names like fevee or erin or whatever. I know who you are anyway! And pleaseee, try to re-assess yourself. You are miserable because you did tons of stupid mistakes in the past and hurt a lot of people coz you thought no one was above you. So now you're paying the price huh?

For once in your life, think about others. Think about your son. Aren't you ashamed of what you're doing? Does the word "DELICADEZA" mean anything to you? Or you don't even know that the word ever existed at all?

Thank you so much for showing your true color. Your filthy emails only proved that you are the one who's insecure, unhappy, bitter, miserable, lunatic, pathethic and stupid! (think about all the negative adjectives--that's YOU!). And one more thing, I don't need to pretend I am happy...Because I really am!

I really wish you happiness, peace of mind and contentment. My life may not be a bed of roses but it's not hell either. I do have a good relationship with my family, my in-laws, my friends and my husband. I'm afraid you can't take that happiness away from me. Not even a single word you say can jeopardize the peace that I embrace now. And the next time you email me, please try harder to piss me off.
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cecille said...

hello! im just new here. After browsing your files i saw this one.. jz wanna say.. as long as u are happy and not messing others life, just go girl! many people live on earth without satisfaction.. thats why they ruin other peoples life. Jz keep on trusting God. and pray to those who gives burden to your happily married life! God bls u & your family!

sn0w_princess said...




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