January 26, 2005

BiRthDaY sUrPriSe

I got up at around 3pm yesterday, feeling dizzy and lazy. Well, It's my 24th birthday and I was not on my usual self. I didn't feel like going out at all. But my husband and I had planned to go to Eastwood, Libis to celebrate so I'd better prepare myself. He promised that he would leave work early so he could pick me up at home. I was in the midst of figuring out what to wear when I heard several people singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY at our front door. I was taken a back for a while and tried to recognize the unfamiliar voices coming from outside. Then, I smiled thinking that my husband had probably brought his brothers with him to surprise me. But I was wrong...when I opened the door I saw him standing side by side with four kids--all of whom I'm not familiar with, and they were all wearing birthday hats. He looked so silly being surrounded by kids and at the same time, CUTE! really cute. And I couldn't help but smile...I've learned from him later that he just saw those kids playing outside and hired them just to sing for me.

Another POGI POINTS for my husband! :-) LOL.

He smiled back as they sang continuously. He was carrying a big gift on a red wrapper (I wondered instantly what the gift was!), the boy next to him was holding my favorite Starbucks cake and the other was carrying another gift sent by my mother-in-law. Actually, I was expecting a gift from her already because she called me up at around 9 am to greet me. Wasn't she sweet?

Anyway, the kids left after my husband paid them. I excitedly openned the gift in the biggest box, ripped the wrapper off, and was so happy to have found the only thing I've been dying to buy for the longest time!--A FOOTSPA MACHINE. wow! :-)

I was openning the gift from my mother-in-law when our landlord knocked on the door and handed me a delivery from LBC...flowers from my husband!-- another wow! He almost screamed and said, "Isn't that supposed to arrive at 9 in the morning? Why was it so late?!", he exclaimed in frustration. I told him it was okay even if the flowers arrived pretty late and I was still overwhelmed by his surprise anyway.

So to cut the long story short, we just agreed to go to the nearest Shakey's restaurant for dinner since I had to go to work early the next day. And besides, I had had enough surprises for my birthday and not going to Eastwood wouldn't hurt, would it? As a matter of fact, I have had memorable birthdays for the last four years we've been together because he always surprises me each year.

So we planned to go there some other time though.

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